If I say, “I know what is true”, you will ask, “Then why don’t you do it?”  What am I like?  I am like a man who needs to resupply his food.  He knows where the store is.  He has a car outside.  He knows full well how to start the car, drive the roads, […]

You approach like a child though you’re mature in your own eyes.  You wear skin just like me.  So, by this, I know your vulnerabilities.  Yet you act as if you’ll never hurt, fail or die.  We both know better, however.  You will, like me, do all three. I speak of God and you turn […]

Atheists comprised an estimated 2.01% of the population.    US Population 316,668,567.    That’s 6365038.1967 who don’t believe there’s a God.  Likely?   Under times when there’s no threat to their life or livelihood, that’s a pretty fair number.  But add something into the social fabric where peace is seriously threatened and I’d bet that number would […]

One winter night in a tiny little country two men huddled near a fire at the kitchen table.  One was an accomplished musician skilled in various instruments.  The other was a poet, gifted with word craft.  He could speak beauty to anything. Together they labored through the night and in the morning they celebrated what […]

Christians rightly say they are looking forward to the Great Wedding Banquet.  But we are forced to see only that far. The age before man was just as real as is now this age of salvation.  The wedding is the beginning of another age.  And I rest assured that the Living God is already planning […]

“Curb the animal within your tainted heart.  Oh, I see that can’t be done.  Sorry to have bothered you.” _________________________ I wake to find myself amazed. The plight of man surges up like a wild rogue wave. against a determined crew. Mindlessly, endlessly, remorselessly, we search for what is secure in our own little berth. […]

Listen.  Can you hear it? can you perceive it? It is the rustling of perfect robes as men take their place for the grand finale.  It is the flutter of Fire as the messengers of God take the place assigned to them 10000 years ago.  It is the preparation for that half hour of silence […]

I understand the need to learn.  And some are fast learners while others are slow learners.  I understand this. But I am perplexed. Can someone tell me why, with the Holy Spirit as our teacher, we continually look too man for answers? “Should I do this or that?  Is it acceptable to think this way […]

I do not waste my time weeping for the dead.  Millions more will die before it’s my turn.  That would be a whole lot of weeping. No, I spend my hours trying to cheat hell of a few souls.  I find this activity far more consuming and profitable than wasting away for what is “A […]

They have graduated. They have moved into the house. They have left our family never to return. Now they laugh and dance full of joy. When they speak they speak clearly. They are plainly heard and plainly understood. Painless and free, they wander to and fro. Joy fills their days. Love stretches out in every […]